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Sometimes, I really wonder about the future of the world.

I read about things like this and just.. wow. Honestly people? Let's re-celebrate how wonderful the cultural revolution was, and how much greatness was created out of it!


Because yes, all that happened is everyone held hands, sang kumbaya, and the world was lovely.

Can I know what you're smoking? Because I'd like some.

Seriously people. Really? Are we just conveniently forgetting it was one of the most f-ed up periods in history? That millions of people died for ideology? That progress was stopped for stupidity? That ridiculous stupidity like "oh, grass is bourgeosie, we need to dig it up, it must not be grown!" was encouraged? That people were tortured, beaten for having gone to school? That going to school meant you were tainted, and that you needed to be pushed down and understand suffering? That we needed to start the Great Leap Forward, and people starved?

Geebus people. Come on.

Then again, I also recognize that a market exists because of demand. Which begs the question - who are the people that are demanding this? People that want to relive the glory days? Young people who don't know any better? People that don't know any better? People who think that if they go, it might help them come to terms with things? I don't know.

But honestly, if you start to desensitize crap like this, I have to imagine it will spill over to reality at some point - once you start accepting that the bad stuff wasn't really that bad, and it was all glory days.. what's to stop it from restarting again?

BTW, there needs to be a mood called facepalm. Because that's what I feel right now.