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would you like some sarcasm with that order?

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- 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26!!? year old kid
- Masters in Social Work, specialisation in Diversity and Social Justice
- 2nd year Masters of Social Work student @ University of Toronto - Finally done! YES!
- Bachelor in Applied Human Science - focus on Family & Social Relations
(which doesn't exist anymore.. 2nd last group of grads in this prgm.. cause the Uni combined it with something else)
- 4th year student @ University of Guelph - I've graduated! ;)

- born in Hong Kong
- I am an only child.. so therefore I am spoiled spoiled spoiled and incompetent [/sarcasm]
- I think I'm 100% chinese.. unless my parents aren't telling me something.. hmmm..
but I don't look it.. I apparantly look everything but chinese.. this amuses me greatly

- complete insomniac
- usually on ICQ.. find me if you're bored. LOL. - I don't think I've even logged onto ICQ in the past like.. 3 years.
- usually on MSN/AIM nowadays - leave me a msg if you want to add me! (I'm a bit weary of random people adding me on MSN, it's usually some strange pr0n related stuff)

- currently have 6 ear piercings
- tattoo? maybe. got one on October 22nd 2003

1/2 oz. of bitchiness + 1/2 oz. of dry humour + 1 oz. lack of sleep + splash of sarcasm
shake well with ice
garnish with general spontaneity
= Lok in a shot. :P

do I drink? why, yes I do! How'd you find out? :P

* I'm a sarcastic person, I really can't help it. Just keep that in mind when you read anything I write.. read it with sarcasm, which is how I usually talk

* This reminds me actually, I should probably put up a voice entry of me talking so you can hear my sarcasm :P

* My entries are here and there, everywhere and cover a wide range. Hopefully one of them can suit your tastes. :P

* I have written entries about what I ate and what I did on certain days. These entries are around, and I write them because it's my journal and I like to remember what I did on what day and with whom. I like looking back. If this bothers you, I'm sorry.

# here's a description of the people I tend to mention a lot.. ongoing project :)

! .. online gaming bores me now. My attention span is warped. :/

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