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Happy 2011!

First time trying to type a journal entry on my iTouch - let's see how well this works. :)

Holidays are finally over and trying to get back into the swing of things which is surprisingly harder than I expected. It's just really tiring adjusting to the changes in schedules - both for my own workplace as well as other community agencies.

On a brighter note we finally got wedding pictures back! They turned out much better than I expected. It's not that I expected them to be awful but you never know what you'll look like, you know?

Anyhow. The pictures are very nice. I will post some when I have a chance to get on my computer. :)

Typing on the iTouch is surprisingly not as bad as I anticipated - I remember trying to write an email on my friend's iPhone a few years back and it took forever and the keyboard was not very responsive... or I have chubby thumbs XD

Not much new with me for the most part - I took a sick day right after the holidays because I was feeling awful and it really helped me recharge and get some much needed rest. Still trying to catch up with some friends who I didn't have a chance to see over the holidays.

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Whoa, December.

My work had a holiday luncheon today, and were raffling prizes. I bought $20 worth of tickets, because the money would be going to a good cause. I didn't expect to win anything because I never do. So a good maybe 130 people were there.. and I actually managed to win 2 things. O.o - a pretty nice camera and a very nice set of pots & pans. :DDDD (one less thing to buy, I had been eyeing a set before)

I think the holidays are off to a good start! (or maybe the Universe is trying to show me that life really isn't THAT bad, considering the weeks I've been having before this)

In other exciting news, work is still taking over my life and it's.. just constant drama. With my families, that is. Constant - he said, she said, who said, you said, yadda yadda yadda. It's great. At some point, I suspect I will snap and scream - I DON'T FRIGGIN CARE, GROW THE HELL UP AND ACCEPT SOME DAMN RESPONSIBILITY DAMN IT.

I still do not have any pictures back from the photographer, so nothing to show re: wedding. I have other people's photos of the day though. ;) - when they finally come in, I will write something.

I'm starting to think I should write journal entries on my iTouch or something. I usually get ideas when driving/waiting at court/something like that. Something to consider.


Slacker is back.. generally speaking.

(picture from the photobooth)


As the husband reminded me this morning, it's been a month since the wedding, so I figured I should actually try to get back into the swing of things. I've been ignoring/avoiding everything (read: facebook, livejournal, email) since the wedding due to general laziness and being overwhelmed with other stuff that I've had to take care of instead (sorting out bank accounts, wedding gifts, work, that sort of thing).

After having some time to think about it, I think the wedding went surprisingly well. There are some things that I wish could have been different, but oh well. I haven't gotten anything back from the photographers yet, so I actually don't have any pictures to show you. Booz. The only pictures I have are what other people took. :P

Still need to document what happened the day of, but yeah. :)

Hope things are well. :D

Final Week!

Can't believe the day is around the corner. It's actually rather horrifying.

I have an uber amount of work to do, and I keep getting paranoid that I'll forget what it is I need to get done. What if I realize on the day of that I had this massive project I was supposed to complete that I had previously forgotten about?!?!?!??!

Yeah. I'm slowly edging toward stress city. Add to it that I caught a cold after working massively overtime last week to get all my work done.. yeah. I'm just frustrated by how tired and exhausted I am, how awful I feel half the time, and why I feel the need to spend most of the day curled up in a ball drinking hot tea. Like seriously. I HAVE STUFF I NEED TO GET DONE HERE.

On a brighter note, 3/4s of my bridal party came by on Sunday to help me cut wedding programs. I think they all wanted to stab me with the scissors after we finally finished, but hey.. at least it's done! :)))))

I still need to:
- wrap the return gifts
- do seating cards
- test table numbers to see if my idea works
- do the remaining 16 numbers if the idea does work
- go to a rehearsal
- finish fittings
- pick up the wedding dress
- steam the veil
- steam the shawl/coat/thing
- pick out pictures for the slideshow
- wrap the groomsmen gifts
- organize/figure out the jewelry

Yeah. I'm just.. slightly overwhelmed.

Also, relatives are flying in/driving in left right and centre, so I need to find time to spend with them too. Dude.

Well. At least there's no work for another 2 weeks?

Also.. I got a swedish massage today and my shoulders ache like no tomorrow. -.-

Crunch Time

Really starting to feel the stress pile on. I think I'm finally accepting that there's less than 20 (.. holy shit, 18?!?!?!) days to go and.. um. I have so much stuff to do. :((((

One of my bridesmaid recently flew in from Hong Kong, which really cemented the fact that the day is fast approaching. Dude.

Trying to finalize the seating plans now, and work on wedding programs, wedding favours, and other wedding stuff that need to be finalized. Becoming paranoid that there's stuff I'm forgetting about that will smack me in the face like 2 days before the wedding, and I'll go - oh crap. Wasn't I supposed to have this done?

So yeah. OMG. OMG!!!!

Otherwise.. work has been pretty good to me lately - families have been okay. Hopefully I didn't just jinx it by typing that. -.-

Ready. Set. STRESS.

Countdown to wedding day .. 36 days. How unbelievably horrifying. O.o (in case you're wondering, I'm not checking off the days.. but Loren is. -.-)

There's still a bunch of stuff that needs to be done, etc etc etc. It's all mainly little things just adding up - programs, favours, video, etc. Just lots of hands-on stuff that I need to get done, and I have no time to really do it. AGHHHHHHH.

Went to a dress fitting today with one of my bridesmaids - not the best experience in the world. Was actually rather aggravating, and the shop people actually managed to piss off my bridesmaid, who's one of the calmest people you could ever meet. We kind of had a big mishap because during her fitting, we realized that the store had actually ordered the wrong bridesmaid dress. For everyone, because the store person had written down the wrong dress # on all the receipts, since we bought them all at the same time. A slight bit of crisis, but it could have been much worse - basically the dress was supposed to be knee length and the store ordered it floor length. BUT. At least you can cut it - which is way better than wanting a floor length and getting a knee length instead. -.-

My bridesmaid was so infuriated throughout most of the process because she felt the shop people weren't listening to her concerns and wouldn't accept responsibility for the problem. They kept trying to convince her (and me for a little bit) that we clearly had ordered the long dress because that's what the receipt said. It was fun trying to explain to them that 1) all my bridesmaids specifically asked for knee length dress; 2) we had taken a picture of the knee length dress during fittings; 3) the price on the receipt is for the knee length dress.. so.. how does that make sense that I ordered a floor length? It was aggravating. They were so indignant about everything, it made you want to slap them. When they finally acknowledged that they had ordered the wrong dress, they were all - FINE. WE'LL JUST CUT IT, WHAT'S THE BIG DEAL? Um.. I don't know. Your attitude? The actual owner herself is rather pleasant, which is kind of the sad part .. because her workers are just.. ugh. Not sure I'd ever want to go back there if I didn't have a dress in their hands.

So yes. Small crisis somewhat averted. Looking forward to more that will probably arise. :/

I think I'm finally making the transition from laid-back, don't-really-care bride to a slight bridezilla.

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Random item of the day

This is slightly more geared toward those who use bras, but hey.

After some thinking and debating, I decided to go to one of those small, fancy-ish lingerie stores to get properly fitted for a bra - partly for the wedding stuff and partly because I've actually never been fitted and have just been eyeballing it for the past .. oh.. 12 years. Getting fitted at .. I dunno, La Senza or one of the other major chain stores just seems odd to me. I seriously wonder how much about bras someone who appears 19 really knows. Yes, I'm age-ist when it comes to undergarment shopping. >.>


It was actually quite a pleasant experience. A very excitable and talkative older lady worked with me to find out what my real bra size is and what's a good cut/shape to wear. I guess they kind of have to be sociable.. since standing half naked with a woman staring at your chest can be somewhat awkward. It's not like you're fully naked.. or you're completely exposed, but it's still kind of strange and weird. Or maybe it's just me, I dunno.

I learned today I wear a weird size that a lot of stores/brands don't really carry because I'm kind of in-between two standard sizes. Also, my cup size fluctuates depending on whether I can find the particular width I'm looking for. Wewt.

In summary, I completely blew my credit card on a bra that basically could pay for .. oh, I don't know.. at least 6 of the regular bras I buy. It was interesting, disturbing and wtf inducing at the same time. BUT. The bra was the most comfortable one I've -ever- tried on in my life, and honestly.. the last thing I want to deal with on the wedding day is my bra driving me insane because it hurts after a few hours. So yeah. -.-

I still can't believe I spent that much money on -one- item of clothing. O.o

Whoa, August.

Well.. I've been really disconnected from the world since I bought Persona 3 for the PSP. Then I got a new computer.. and I'm still trying to get acquainted with it and move all the stuff over from my old laptop - new programs and what not too, since half my XP stuff doesn't work on Windows 7. LAME. Also, I'm slowly having a mental breakdown from wedding stuff. STRESSSSSSS x 1 million.

So yeah. Hi!

Just wanted to let you all know I'm still alive and well. Will update later. Seriously.

New Lawn! .. and pictures of wedding stuff

Finally got our lawn in the back!

Watering it was fun.. I got dirt all over me from dragging the hose everywhere. :/ - we totally need one of those waterhose push cart things. I feel like a fire(wo)man when I have to carry the hose from the front to the back of the house.

Yes, I do have 2 garden hoses, but seeing as we have no fence.. I don't really want to leave one just sitting out there, so we're going to lug one back and forth till the push cart thing/object/whatever is bought. All the neighbours seems to be doing the same.. taking their garden hoses back to wherever they're.. stored.

Weather is humid like crazy. I think humidex today was 43. Joy. Going to be enjoying this weather all week! I've been looking through my stash of clothes.. and apparently I have a very small collection of shorts. Hmm. Shopping time!

On a random note, I went to get an oil change today and they had free slushies! I had one.. and was tempted to have another one, but there was someone else waiting and I didn't want to look like a complete free-loader. :P

Also, my Aunt just arrived today from Hong Kong. :)))) - she'll be helping my parents out with wedding stuff. Speaking of wedding stuff, I think the only people who want me to wear a 'Chinese' dress are non-Chinese. I've talked to my parents.. and they were all - why bother? Just get a nice evening gown instead. Meanwhile, I have future in-laws being all - OMG, ARE YOU GOING TO HAVE A CHINESE DRESS?!

So.. yeah. I'm kind of deliberating it. Sorta. Kinda. I dunno. Running out of time here. 3 months and a bit left, omg.

And - I have some pictures of the invites.

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So yeah, I'm happy with the invites overall. :) Glad we decided to go with what we did.. even though the colours are very traditional Chinese and have nothing to do with our wedding colours. Oh well. :D

Random wedding thought: I'm paranoid now that the driving tan on my arms won't fade. :((( - contemplating wearing long sleeve shirts the rest of the summer and risk heat stroke. -.-

Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day! :)

Saw lots of fireworks from my house - neighbours seem really into getting those nice big fancy ones. All good, I don't need to buy any. :D

On a bleh note, Canada Day fell on a Thursday this year.. which means I have to go to work tomorrow. Sucks. It's a day off in the middle of the week, and it's not even a real long weekend. I like how everyone I talked to on Wednesday kept telling me to have a nice long weekend. People, I don't have a LONG weekend. I have a random day off, work, then a weekend. It's disjointed and messing with my mind here. BOO, HISS.

In theory, I could have taken the day off.. but only a set number of people can take days off at any given time, and it tends to be ranked by seniority. So yeah. Not happening for me.

I know I know.. it is a day off.. so I really can't complain. I guess.

I'm going to try and get the wedding invite posted in the next couple days. Just need to find the pictures.

I can't believe it's July. Kind of weird. :/