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Double posting in one day! OMG!


I don't usually answer the phone for numbers I don't recognize. I did today because a friend had indicated they used me as a reference for something, and I wasn't sure if the phone call was related to that.

I answer today, and it's a telemarketer from the place where I bought my PC, trying to sell me an extended warranty. Great.

The way I look at this is - if I answer the phone, and I'm listening, you better damn well know what you're selling to me because 1) my attention span is short, and 2) I'm giving you some of my time, instead of just hanging up. This better be interesting.

So of course, I get someone who says "uh" every other word.

"So, uh, the, uh, upgrade would, um, uh, do, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, well, uh, your hard drive speed, would, uh, uh, uh, be, uh, increased, uh, to, uh, 700x, um, it's speed, uh, so, it's, uh, would be, uh, like, um, a new, uh, computer".

You know. I'm pretty sure you have a script. Don't you just read it? (Especially since I said nothing during the whole thing, so I wasn't interrupting you, wasn't being annoying, wasn't being catty. I was silent and listening.. and I normally just wait for their spiel to be done before I politely say "no thanks")

Also, if you're trying to sell me something.. shouldn't you give off the vibe that you're a professional, with a company of professionals, who will make my computer so shiny that it will blind me, and why wouldn't I want to buy another warranty? If I feel like the person doing the selling doesn't seem to have much confidence in what they're selling.. then I wouldn't want to buy from them. I get that this is likely a low paying job, and they likely don't really know what the hell actually is going on.. but dude. Image! Perception!

I also like how they ask you questions when they already know the answer. I suppose it's used to build trust, or encourage a conversation. But it's slightly aggravating when you ask me a question - "so, have you had any problems with your computer?", then when I tell you that I've had problems with it, you first go "Really...uh..?" then "oh, right. Yes, someone was called out". Like come on. Couldn't you just have started with - "I see that someone was called out for your computer, how has it been working since?". Also, when you keep using "right, right" even when I say nothing, it makes me wonder what the point is in talking to you because evidently you're not actually listening. So why should I listen to you?

So I declined, and they asked me why. It seemed harsh to say - because you don't seem to know what you're even selling to me - so I told them I didn't want to spend the money. I like how companies want you to justify your decision so they can pick it apart to change your mind, which I understand is a tactic. But yeah. No means no, people!